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"I was very impressed with how Leslie and her team managed the sales process."

Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of working with Leslie Peterson and her team twice. She sold a house for my mother in Castro Valley a couple years ago, and most recently she sold my home in Hayward. On both sales I was very impressed with how Leslie and her team managed the sales process. What impressed me most, it seems like everything is just organized and works like clockwork. You can tell that Leslie and team have a process that has been perfected over the years and everyone knows exactly what to do and they execute their plan flawlessly. If I could just list a few qualities about the team I'd say they are very professional and organized, extremely knowledgeable of the Castro Valey / Hayward real estate market, they're great communicators and they have tons of resources. Any type of service you may need during the sales process, Leslie knows a great company that she's previously worked with and can recommend. I loved that Leslie had me go thru all the inspections on my home beforehand so that I knew ahead of time if there were any issues that had to be dealt with. I also liked that I could call at anytime for updates and I got weekly reports summarizing everything that had taken place that week. I always felt I knew what was going on. The final point I would make is that in the Castro Valley area its common that homes can have multiple offers. I came away from that process feeling that Leslie had negotiated the absolute best possible deal for me. She talked thru how she would work with the buyers and counter their offers to secure the best offers that she could. And in the end she gave me a spreadsheet with all the facts about each deal listed out side by side so I could easily compare. I was then in a position where I could make the best most well informed decision that I could make. Overall, I'm very happy with my experiences with the Leslie Peterson team. I can highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again if I had another house to sell.

- T W.

"Can I give them 10 stars?"

Can I give them 10 stars? I made the decision to sell my home of 34 years and move to be closer to my family very quickly. I interviewed another realtor and then Leslie and Sheryl on the same day. I make a lot of my decisions based on my intuition. Sheryl and Leslie just "felt right" and their many reviews were glowing. Wow, decision made, contract signed, house emptied (my choice), minimally prepped (and staged, as part of their service) to sell in short order! Both Leslie and Sheryl were extremely quick to respond to any text, email or call, which was very important and reassuring to me. House was put on the market on a Friday. Sunday we had a very good offer. I was tempted to accept but asked for their thoughts. We decided to give it a couple more days and on Wednesday (5 days after going on market) I accepted an even better offer, substantially higher than asking price. I had been reluctant to even ask that price but Leslie and Sheryl certainly knew what they were doing. This was absolutely seamlessly handled, despite COVID concerns and restrictions! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Only wish they were conveniently geographically located to assist me in buying a new home!

- Rebecca A.

"I worked with Leslie’s team to pending the house within 9 days and completed the sale of all houses within 30 days."

我与LESLIE的团队合作在9天内pending 了房屋,在30天内完成了所有房屋的销售过程。她的团队采用了整体的服务,他们在会面前都做好了充分的售前的房屋基本状况查询,在随后的房屋检查,整理清洁到最后staging上市都有优秀的团队合作,她提供合作方给客户选择,省去了很多时间,因此整个销售过程进展非常顺利,在pending后对交易过程随时把控,并及时将每一步进展都发送告知给我,由于语言基础不好,她还请来人为我翻译和解释,使我觉得沟通没有障碍,当2015年我在湾区买房子时候遇到她,就被她的专业能力感染,后来得知她在湾区已经从事房屋销售15年,经她的公司的房屋买卖都会过程很短,且在房屋开价上也很精准,很佩服她的专业水准,希望有机会再与她合作。 I worked with Leslie's team to pending the house within 9 days and completed the sale of all houses within 30 days. Her team adopted the overall service. They did a good job of checking the basic conditions of the pre-sale house before the meeting. They had excellent teamwork during the subsequent house inspection, finishing and cleaning to the final staging and listing. She provided partners. It saves a lot of time for customers to choose, so the whole sales process is going very smoothly. After pending, the transaction process is controlled at any time, and every step of the progress is sent to me in time. Because of the poor language foundation, she also invited me Someone translated and explained for me, which made me feel that there is no barrier to communication. When I met her when I was buying a house in the Bay Area in 2015, I was infected by her professional ability. Later I learned that she had been engaged in housing sales in the Bay Area for 15 years. Her company's housing sales process is very short, and the housing prices are also very accurate. I admire her professionalism and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with her again.

- Ann L.

"Very organized, knowledgeable and very helpful"

Loved that the Peterson team had a mask on when first met and also very organized, knowledgeable and very helpful in describing the process of selling our property which was our first time, Kristen was wonderful and been there from day one and after the closing. Definitely recommend the Leslie Peterson team for a sale and purchase of any property. Really appreciate it thanks Leslie and Kristen

- Roneel S.

"within 10 days, we had an offer accepted!"

I had been working with another agent for nearly 1.5 years but without much luck in finding a home in the CV/San Leandro area. The market is so hot that I knew we needed someone who understood the CV area. I looked on yelp and saw that LPT had great reviews. I talked to Leslie on the phone in mid-July and within 10 days, we had an offer accepted! One thing stood out: Kristen and Leslie know the CV very well, not only as agents in the area but also as residents. It helps to have that level of familiarity when you are looking for a home in the area. I also noticed that both of them knew the other agents that we'd run into when we were looking at homes. Again, because the market is so hot, helps to have an agent that has good relationships with other agents. It means that your offer will be trusted and will stand out.

- T.J.

"Leslie and Kristen are both exceptionally knowledgeable"

The Peterson Team was a delight to work with! Leslie and Kristen are both exceptionally knowledgeable and made the whole process of selling our home very easy. They clearly did their homework on our area beforehand and came in fully prepared upon the first meeting and had a plan of action in place for us. Leslie and Kristen were very warm and friendly and put our minds completely at ease throughout the whole process, which was important to us as first time sellers. Once we entered an agreement with The Peterson Team, they hit the ground running! They not only laid out for us what we had to do to prepare our home, but they scheduled and organized everything for us. We did have a little snafu with the first offer that we accepted, but that was of no fault to Leslie or Kristen. They rolled past the offer hiccup and within about 2 weeks time we had another offer on the table. All along the way, neither Leslie nor Kristen were pushy about a thing and only offered their opinion when we asked for it (which we did a lot!). They are very skilled at what they do and it was nice knowing that we had a team that we could trust and seemed to truly have our best interests in mind.

- Jami J.

"Leslie and Kristen worked seamlessly together as a great team, and we highly recommend them, who are not only professional and experienced, but also a pleasure and delight to work with!"

We worked with Leslie and Kristen on finding our dream house in the Hayward Hills area and had a most positive experience. We talked to several real estate agents in the area and decided to go with them due to their professionalism and experience as well as in-depth knowledge and connections in the area, which were demonstrated in every turn during our search and purchase process. Kristen has been extremely responsive and diligent in searching for potential houses/lots for us right from the beginning. Once we identified our dream house, both of them moved quickly and helped us put together a strong offer within a couple of days. Leslie guided us through the negotiation process, providing expert advice based on her years of experience and valuable timely information from a home appraiser within her connections who had intimate knowledge of the community. Both of them worked very hard and very quickly on our behalf, irrespective of the option we chose to take. The transaction involved a relocation company on the seller's side and they helped us navigate through the process and made everything smooth and easy for us also. With the closing of the transaction complicated and delayed by Covid 19, Leslie again steered us through the uncharted waters and every step of the closing process. And now we are the happy owners of our dream house. Leslie and Kristen worked seamlessly together as a great team, and we highly recommend them, who are not only professional and experienced, but also a pleasure and delight to work with!

- Priscilla F.

"From our first meeting to the final key drop these gals were on top of their game. Our home sold in just three days with an over asking outcome."

What an amazing experience! I cannot say enough great things about Leslie and her team. We were selling our home of 20 years and of course I had a million questions. Leslie and Sheryl always made time for us, they helped me through the "Dr. Phil" moments and were very reassuring throughout the process. From our first meeting to the final key drop these gals were on top of their game. Our home sold in just three days with an over asking outcome. HIGHLY recommend the Leslie Petersen /Evolve Real Estate team!!

- Msliz D.

"We recently sold our Castro Valley home with Leslie Peterson team."

We recently sold our Castro Valley home with Leslie Peterson team. Leslie Peterson has name recognition and high level of credibility in the Castro Valley real estate market. Our experience from start to finish was excellent. When we first met with Leslie about listing our house, she came prepared with all the information. It was very clear that she knew the local market very well. While she gave us all the information we needed, she never pushed us to make a decision in her favor. After listing, Leslie, Sheryl and Tina were always there to answer any questions we had. Within one week of listing, we got multiple offers and the transaction closed in three weeks. We highly recommend team Leslie.

- A D. April 2019 Yelp

"We had not gone through the process of selling a house before and via several different kinds of searches"

We had not gone through the process of selling a house before and via several different kinds of searches (including YELP reviews) was pointed to Leslie Peterson and Team. Could not be happier with the strategic direction, practical help and resources (yes, they have an army of resources that can solve nearly every problem) and the excellant communication/customer service/follow through. They really do have the experience to support sellers through every step of the way and keep the ball rolling to the desired end result. Thank you to the team!

- Paula L October 2019 Yelp

"Leslie was recommended by a friend of my wife."

Leslie was recommended by a friend of my wife. Within a few minutes of talking with Kristen at another open house in our Palomares Hills neighborhood, my wife and I were convinced that Leslie and her team would be the right choice to help us sell our home of 31 years. Following their suggestions including our home staging, we had an offer within 3 days of our only open house and they continued to be there for us until the the final signing and closing. Thanks to Leslie, Kristen, Sheryl, and Jeff.

- J R. August 2019 Yelp

"We recently purchased our home in Castro Valley with the Leslie Peterson team."

We recently purchased our home in Castro Valley with the Leslie Peterson team. Kristen and Leslie were exceptional in communicating with us, really breaking down the process for us and explaining what we should expect. We worked more closely with Kristen and she was very thorough and professional through out. Kristen also assisted us in selling our previous home and we couldn't have made a better choice in going with the Leslie Peterson team.

- Maritza P July 2019 Yelp

"My mom had Sheryl & Leslie in her file as the real estate agents to use when the time came to sell her home."

My mom had Sheryl & Leslie in her file as the real estate agents to use when the time came to sell her home. I'm certainly glad that she did because their knowledge of Palomares Hills, Castro Valley, made selling mom & dad's home easy. Sheryl & Leslie told me what to expect, held my hand all the way through the process... from pre-listing to closing. Their advice on when to list, when to inspect, preparing the home, how much to list for, when to have a brokers tour, when to hold a general public open house, and then a deadline for offers was beyond what I could have anticipated. They are also very smart in their choice of industry professionals they associate with - from photographer, to contractor, to cleaning services, to lender & title company, etc. Within 10 days of listing we had multiple offers and one was decided on. Another 6 weeks and escrow was closed.\nSheryl & Leslie are your "girls next door" (hope you two don't mind me saying that!) but I have to - I felt instantly comfortable with both of them. Professionals through & through but human too.\nThank you so much for everything; I'm certain that when the day comes that I need the expertise of a real estate agent again, I'll certainly be getting in touch with you!

- Kassandra M July 2019 Yelp

"We could not have chosen a more trustworthy, professional, or experienced team than Leslie, Sheryl or Kristen"

We could not have chosen a more trustworthy, professional, or experienced team than Leslie, Sheryl or Kristen. Every step of the way, we felt informed and prepared and this was due to their expertise and watchful eye, making this a seamless and smooth experience.

- Sharleen L July 2019

"To start with – I can only say that we have a home today because we were lucky to be working with Leslie Peterson"

To start with - I can only say that we have a home today because we were lucky to be working with Leslie Peterson.\n\nWe were expecting our first baby in May 2015 and decided to buy a home in Dec 2014. We had short listed Castro Valley (CV) for the good schools, safe neighborhood and relatively affordable prices compared to the Peninsula where we are currently renting. We started going to open houses in CV and met a few agents who would want to work with us. We realized soon that they were pushing us to buy properties that didn't meet our requirements. Then we came across Leslie. After meeting her, we decided to have her as our agent. Within no time, we realized that her goal is to get us into a home that we'd love for years to come. After making a couple of offers close to the listed price with all contingencies and not getting accepted, I realized that the market trend is aggressive and we'll have to be a little more flexible. But in spite of that, never did Leslie push us to make an offer to a property or make us raise our offer price. She would be content with sending us more and more listings and let us decide when to go ahead and set our own comfortable offer price after she provided us with the comparable in the neighborhood.\n\nA month ago, we loved a property and decided to make an offer without having any contingencies. Our offer got accepted, but that wasn't the end. The appraisal from the lender that I chose came in 90K lower than our offer price and we didn't have the extra cash to proceed. With our baby coming in a few weeks, it added additional stress to our lives. And then I decided to let the property and our deposit go and focus on our personal lives. Leslie called me right away and suggested that we switch to a different lender. Given what was going on in our lives, Leslie took the onus to handle things herself and let us be in the background. She got in touch with lenders she had worked with in the past who could close the process in such short time and offer a rate of interest that was close to what we had locked in with the previous lender. She coordinated with the Seller's agent and got the closing time extended by a week due to the delay that we had experienced. The second appraisal with the new lender came in much closer and we were able to close escrow in the anticipated time.\n\nTo us, Leslie was a Fairy Godmother who waved her magic wand and gave a happy ending to our home buying fairy tale. Now, Leslie is more like a friend to us. Leslie is a thorough professional who will safeguard your interest and get you exactly what you're looking for and within your budget. I highly recommend getting in touch with Leslie if you're looking to have a blissful experience, selling or buying

- Varun V. June 2015 Yelp

"My wife and I were beyond-delighted with the customer service, knowledgeability, and sheer kindness"

My wife and I were beyond-delighted with the customer service, knowledgeability, and sheer kindness and understanding of Leslie Peterson's team, Sheryl Danielson in particular. Our home buying experience was a little more complex than the norm since the purchase of our dream home was contingent upon he sale of our condo. We were very nervous. We had a lot of questions. We were even out of the country at the outset of the deal. Nevertheless, Sheryl juggled the complicated transaction with the skill and finesse of an Olympic figure skater. Sheryl hit all our targets. She was responsive at odd hours. She was tireless and detail-oriented. And she left no rock unturned. Even though this is the only transaction we plan for the next one or two decades Sheryl acted like we were regular, return customers. The Leslie Peterson team receives our highest recommendation. Now I know why they are so successful and seen all over the place.

- Michael D July 2018 Yelp

"My husband and I could not be more thrilled after working with Leslie Peterson and Kristen Peterson"

My husband and I could not be more thrilled after working with Leslie Peterson and Kristen Peterson, and it's truly thanks to them that we are in our dream home. Since this was our first home buying experience, they patiently walked through every step of the process, from first looking at houses, to signing the final papers! They were both so knowledgeable on the Castro Valley area, and it was fun driving around with Kristen because she grew up here and would point things out to orient us. The house we fell in love with was not even one we were originally going to look at (assuming it was out of our price range), but thanks to Leslie and Kristen's expertise, they predicted (accurately!) that it would sell somewhere within our budget given the current market conditions. We very much appreciated their honesty and kindness throughout the process. It was nerve wracking placing the offer, but we felt reassured and supported the entire time. We had an unusually fast closing period (seller had moved out, accepted our first offer), and Kristen and Leslie stayed on every, single detail even with such a condensed timeline. Could not recommend a more fantastic team!!!

- Bethany P. August 2018 Yelp

"I cannot say enough about Leslie and her amazing team."

I cannot say enough about Leslie and her amazing team. I'd give her ten stars if I could! After having my house on the market for over 6 months with another realtor and losing two sales, I started searching for a new agent as soon as our contract expired. Leslie had the most sales in Castro Valley by far. I was searching for a female agent this time and was pleased to see that Leslie had an entire female team! I probably was the most bruised and skeptical client she ever encountered. On top of that, she was dealing with my relying on funds from the sale to cover some of the purchase price of a new home we are building out of state. Leslie and Sheryl came prepared to our first meeting with a personalized printed booklet of my property complete with comps of recent sales. As soon as I opened the door, I felt like old friends were entering my home and was immediately comfortable. Leslie's genuine nature, together with her sales experience and knowledge of the area, made the decision for me to go with her instead of another realtor who also had the numbers. After telling her about my horrible experience with my past agent, she told me she had "her eye" on my property for awhile and wondered why it did not sell. She sat me down and divulged her plan to get the house sold as quickly as possible. She suggested some minimal staging (which she covered the cost of, where my past realtor was going to charge me), laid out a timeline and got it done! The stagers she works with "Staging By Us" did a fantastic job -- exactly my taste and not too intrusive as I was living in the house. Leslie arranged for a professional videographer (Jay Caldwell) who created a video that made my modest bungalow look like a model home, which then appeared on the Leslie Petersen Team Facebook page and all the major real estate sites almost immediately. After the first weekend on the market, I had 5 offers and accepted an offer that was almost $70K over asking! Our relationship did not end here. Like many other properties in the area, my buyer was an investor from out of the country. Because of this and my buyer's 1031 exchange, escrow was delayed. I was a nervous wreck, but Leslie kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was never left in the dark (as previously with my former agent), but constantly updated with emails, texts and phonecalls. Leslie not only kept me up to date on the status of my sale, but the status of the sale of my buyer's property, which he was relying on to purchase my property. With experience in the area comes familiarity with other agents/lenders/appraisers and Leslie had all these contacts/connections which put me in a place that kept me informed at all times. Additionally, she had a back-up offer in place who she also kept in close contact, just in case things didn't work out with the sale. Picking the right real estate agent is imperative in this competitive market. Selling your home could be an emotional roller coaster but Leslie has kept me steady and was always straightforward, honest and empathetic to my needs. If you have a house to sell in Castro Valley or ANY of the surrounding areas, your search for an agent should end right here. The Leslie Peterson Team/Evolve will represent you with your best interest in mind and will go above and beyond what you expect from any agent.

- Jocelyn L.